About us

Vaastu Plus is Astrology & Vaastu Consultancy We help you with your issues by providing you with stress-free and real-world resolutions that be arranged to make your house free of Vaastu Dosh. We are also help you’re for the complications associated with well-being, prosperity, occupation, matrimony, education, business and many more.

With the help of Vaastu Shastra, we can allow the forces of nature to bring positive outcomes in our lives. Even though it has been a highly debated topic for long, it is definitely recommended for a better, healthier and a prosperous life. Individuals who don’t understand the pseudoscience consider it to be null and void but in truth, Vaastu is far from being merely a superstition.

Even in the Vedas and Upanishads, sage and hermits have valued Vaastu as a prerequisite for restoring calmness and prosperity we provide a professional, dedicated knowledgeable about vaastu shastra. What distinguishes us from other vaastu consultancy is our ability to provide a bespoke level of service our genuine commitment to the local community and our honest, ethical approach to business our wealth of experience in-depth understanding of the vaastu. The Vaastu Practice believes in the actual application and implementation of the science of Vaastu in order to achieve health, wealth and peace. We as Vaastu consultants are very practical. Each client is special for us. We each client in order to accurately understand their specific Vaastu requirements As Vaastu consultants, we understand that every building whether an office or residence is special to the client, we honors their emotions and sentiments, and treat the building with respect. Every client is guaranteed of complete confidentiality